Sign of the Times, or Examiner

January 2, 2009

You know that things are getting really bad when your local newspaper starts asking for money. Its bad enough that major media newspapers are at risk of going under, but the West University Examiner…say it ain’t so!

Today, along with my weekly lawn turd, I received this letter:

“Dear Examiner Reader,

As you know, the West University Examiner is delivered to your home each week free of charge, The continued growth of the West University Examiner, along with increased newsprint and delivery costs, makes this an increasingly difficult challenge. However, we are committed to bringing each of you community news about the West University area and planned events as well as area advertisers who value our community and want to reach you on a weekly basis.

“If you agree that the West University Examiner is important to you and you would like to support the weekly delivery to your door, please let us know by sending your supporting payment outlined below. this is a one-time-a-year program that not only keeps the West University Examiner coming to your door each week; it offers a reward program to your personal carrier – a tip for services.

“Check the box below to indicate how you would like your payment to be divided.

Best Regards,
The Dedicated Staff of the West University Examiner
etc, etc, etc…”

Now I am all for supporting the local community (check out my other blog if you doubt that). But this letter irks me for a number of reasons:

  1. The West University Examiner was acquired by Houston Community Newspapers in 2006 which in turn is owned by ASP Westward, LP so this is not a small 4-5 person printing operation we are talking about.
  2. This was obviously a form letter as “the West University Examiner” was a different font than the rest of the letter…very sloppy.

I never asked for this paper and frankly I see no value in it so they should not expect my support. If its a bailout you want from me, I am already tapped out!


One Response to “Sign of the Times, or Examiner”

  1. aziz Says:

    Subsidizing a broken business model almost never makes sense. The community needs local information, but littering the neighborhood with mass produced fliers seems so 20th century.

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